Broadspeed Driving School
    Broadspeed Driving School is a driving training school, which focus on handling. Broadspeed is taking the lead in safe driving training, vehicle test and tuning, auto brand promotion in China. The training courses include Safe Driving, Race Driving, Drift, and Driving Tricks etc.

     Since 2005, Broadspeed keeps participating national racing events, promoting motorsports and training advanced driving talents in China. Broadspeed also provides related services to corporate customers like enterprises, carmakers, and insurance companies.

     Broadspeed insists the coaching in practice. With the philosophy of “Drive Safe, Race Polite”, Broadspeed is delivering the philosophy of safe driving and providing advanced driving skills training to motorsports fans and professionals.

     Broadspeed Driving School locates in Beijing Ray Sports Auto Park, Hanhe Road of Haidian District, Beijing. With a 500m long, 40m wide asphalt venue, you don’t need to be afraid of accelerating, drifting and racing here.